About Us

Matt and Julianna are the photographers behind Red Rubber Studio Photography and Cinematography. They love their job. They’re relaxed, easy-going, and work hard to capture you the way you really are.

“I didn’t expect to be a photographer. I picked up a film camera back in my teens and dabbled in it, but then I went to university and teacher’s college. I did some video work to earn money during summer break. By the time I graduated from teacher’s college I was running nearly full time with video and photo work. Now, I work full time as a photographer, cinematographer, and editor. I enjoy working on a wide range of unique projects. Somewhere along the way I also picked up some design skills, so I do most of the graphic design work for our company as well.”
(Matt specializes in head shots, architectural and commercial photography. He also shoots music videos, other films, and corporate work.)

“13 years ago, photography wasn’t even a thought for me. Artistic projects and music took up most of my free time in youth, but as an adult it seemed wiser to pursue a more ‘solid’ career as a nurse. Photography started first as a way to help Matt and then slowly took up more of my time. I’m in love with this career change. I love how it works so wonderfully around our four kids. We can still be home with them most days. I love the challenge of working with so many different types of people. I want to capture a ‘glimpse’ of who you are, and the emotion that goes with that – that’s so important.”
(Julianna specializes in couple, maternity, baby, and lifestyle photography.)