Mila's Lifestyle Newborn Session
Hazel's Lifestyle Newborn Session
Katelyn's Lifestyle Newborn Session
The Y. Family Session
Baby Nora's Lifestyle Newborn Session
The D. Family Session
The B. Family Session
Melissa and Jason's Maternity Session
An Evening Rowboat Session
Baby Benjamin's Lifestyle Newborn Session
The. B. Family Session in Pinafore Park
Baby Grayson's Lifestyle Newborn Session
Baby Olivia's Lifestyle Newborn Session
Eri and Yuto's Mother And Son Session
Brent and Carolyn's Family Session
Baby Cora's Lifestyle Newborn Session
Emily and Daniel's Couple Session
Deni and Angie's Family Session
Baby Naomi's Lifestyle Newborn
Baby Jude's Lifestyle Newborn
Project 10 Theme: Adventure
Baby Cooper's Lifestyle Newborn
Baby Penelope: Lifestyle Newborn
Project 10 Theme: Magic
Lifestyle Session: Julian turns 1
Project 10 Theme: Alone
Janet and Chandler's Maternity session
Project 10 Theme: Sharp
Matt's Hosting a Photography Workshop on February 22, 2014!
The M Family Session


Baby Thomas' Lifestyle Newborn Session
The D's Family Session
The K's Family Session
The T's Family Session
The M's Family Session
The C's Family Session
The L's Family Session
The B's Family Session
The L's Family Session
The D's Family Session
The S's Family Session
Whizz and Mark's Family Session
The Y's Family Session
Steph and Mike's Family Session
Josh and Trisha's Family Session
The G's Family Session
The V's Family Session
Henry and Stacey's Family Session
Rowen Turns 5 Portrait Session
Travis and Courtney's Maternity Session
Leah's Cake Smash Session
Mary's Maternity Session
The V's Family Session and Senior Session
A Spring Collaboration Just For Fun!
The B's Family Session
Baby J's Lifestyle Birthday Session
The V. Family's Lifestyle Session
The K. Family's Evening Family Session
Baby S's Lifestyle Newborn Session
Baby B and P's Lifestyle Twins Newborn Session
Baby B's Lifestyle Newborn Session
Project 10 Theme: Hair
Baby S's Family and Portrait Session in St. Thomas, Ontario
Bill Abbott Magic's Promotional Branding Session
Austin's Lifestyle Newborn Session
Inna's Maternity Session
Project 10 Theme: Soft
Baby G's Lifestyle Newborn Session
Project 10 Theme: Books
Beach, Bikes and Sunset: Our Family Vacation on Edisto Island
Compassion Canada's Gifts Of Compassion Kinetic Text Video
Baby Milan's Lifestyle Newborn Session
Project 10 Theme: Treasures
Gaby and Tom's Maternity and Family Session
Carolyn and Colin's Lifestyle Family Session
Matt and Davina's Lifestyle Family Session
Sugar Shack Wedding: A Creative Styled Shoot
Stephanie and Brad's Maternity Session
Found Decor Company
Project 10 Theme: Pink
Photography Workshop for Beginner DSLR Users
The S's Family Session
Deni Gauthier's 'I Need You' Music Video
Jessica and her violin's Portrait Session
Ella's Lifestyle Newborn Session
Aubrey's Lifestyle Newborn Session
Project 10 Theme: Self-Portrait
Bennett's Lifestyle Newborn Session


Jacqui and Chris {lifestyle family session}
Baby Zilpa {lifestyle newborn session}
Jason and Amy {family session}
Baby Aubrey {lifestyle newborn session}
Baby Ivee {lifestyle newborn session}
Kim {maternity session}
Jessica and Shiraz {family session}
Baby Eden {lifestyle newborn session}
Monica and Doug {couple session}
Kathleen and Dan {engagement session}
The Bisschop Family
Hanna and Tim {maternity session}
Nick and Laura {engagement session}
Scott and Jenna {family session}
Denise and Darryl {family session}
The Gazendam Family
The H Family
The V Family
The Kelly Family
The Lenko Family
G, J and company {family session}
Shannon and Ryan {family session}
Q's beach maternity session
Chantal and Jeff {family session}
Deni and Angie {family session}
Baby Emma {newborn session}
The D. family {extended family session}
Baby B {family session}
Aimie and Erin {twin sisters shoot}
Charlotte is 18 months {mini-session}
Cameron and his Cello {musician session}
Rodney and Claire {anniversary session}
The M. Family {extended family session}
Baby Olivia {newborn session}
Baby Reid {newborn session}
Baby Jensen {newborn session}
Baby Nathan {newborn session}
Francois and Hannelie {family session}
Baby Audrey {newborn}
Janine {lifesyle: athlete session}
Baby Stella {newborn lifestyle session}
Raepple Family session in Drumbo, Ontario
Baby Pearl {3 month portrait session}
Levi turns 6 months {personal}
Cara Lee {album artwork session}
Mai {family session}
Jenna {sweetpea garden maternity session}
Mounira and Jeremy {couple session} Grand Bend, Ontario}
Stephanie and Jeff {family session}
A piano in a field {because we can}
Baby Austin {newborn}
Kim and Daryl {every day life: family session} in London, Ontario area
Baby Grayson {newborn}
Matt and Janine's Rainy Engagement Session
Baby Clara
Matt and Tara {expecting}
Karl and Brittany {engagement}
Baby Nadia
Baby Jack
Dorothy and Reubin
Julie and her girls
My 2 babies {everyday life: Levi is 3 months old}
Kate's Maternity Session at Port Stanley
Charlotte turns 1 {life's events: a birthday celebration}
Jenna and Ross + 1 {everyday life: a glimpse}
Emmett's (+ family) newborn session
Gavin's 6 month session
Jenna's Styled Winter Photo Shoot with a fur coat
Angie's Birth Session: Welcome Baby Emmett
Lindsay's Winter Pregnancy Session at Waterworks Park
Angie's Winter Pregnancy Session in the woods
Deni Gauthier's New Album Cover

Our Family Christmas Session
Our Levi's Newborn Session
Mai and Brad's Family Session
teBokkel Family Session
Frank and Christina's Family Session
Alison and her children's Portrait Session at Waterworks Park, St. Thomas
Will and Becky's Family Session at Salt Creek Orchard
Ken and Belinda's Family Session
The B. Family Session at the train station
Aileen and Jarrett's Family Session
Tami and Dean's Family Session
Ken, Joanne and Children
Sadie's One Year Cake Smash and Portrait Session
Barry and Amy's Family Session in Arva
Dan and Mel's Family Session at an apple orchard
Tim and Jannyne's Family Session at Port Stanley
Mike and Karen's Evening Session
Adam and Crystal's Evening Session
Lottie's evening Session
Julianna's Little Pregnancy Session
Maria and Thien's Engagement session
Baby Gavin's Newborn session
Sadie's family session
Bill and Aggie's family session
Beth and Nate's evening family session
Red Rubber Studio's Promotional Giveaway
Gaby's Maternity Session
Mike and Victoria's evening family session in Vineland
Baby Gwen's newborn session
Deni Gauthier and Friends, Live In Concert
The Huttons' Family Session
Family Vacation in Florida Part 2: Out and About
Family Vacation in Florida Part 1: The Beach
Baby Charlotte's Newborn Session

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