Wedding Photography.

It's hard to summarize our style because it seems to constantly morph along the way. I look at this as a good thing; we're not standing still, we're active, moving. There's a certain amount of free flowing, uncontrolled energy when we work. Of course, this is coupled with 10 years experience in the wedding industry. The result it this:

A fun & creative approach
to great photography.

Formerly known as This Moment Forever, or TMF, we now house all our photography under the name Red Rubber Studio, but we're still the same people! We love natural light, but we know how to use flash well when it's needed. We love all things vintage, but we love the modern approach almost as much (sometimes more, depending on the day). We love keeping things fun and relaxed, but we don't have trouble moving things along when there's a bit of a time crunch. (Please note, we shoot still photography for weddings. We do not shoot wedding videos.)


Prices start at $2200. We have a nice variety of packages to choose from, but we haven't over-complicated things. Contact us for a price list and for availability.


We will travel all over the place to shoot weddings, but our local coverage is London Ontario and the surrounding areas. We also cover Sarnia, Grand Bend, Brantford, Hamilton, Toronto, GTA, St.Catharines, etc. There are additional travel fees for areas outside of our local zone.

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